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A ready community is pro-actively and strategically prepared to take advantage of economic, educational, and support opportunities, anticipates and plans for future economic and development trends, and ensures safety for everyone.  Naperville can become a more ready community by:

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Let's Do It!

  • Assisting small and medium sized businesses with resources to help implement sustainability practices to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, prepare for disruptions, and save money which helps our local economy thrive

    • 2009:  Jodi was a founding member of the Chamber of Commerce's first Green Leadership Committee 

  • Attracting new technology and development entities with living-wage jobs to replace the former technology companies that helped build our community 

  • Developing processes for long-term, community-inclusive planning to create proactive modern government that increases innovation, maximizes funding opportunities, develops public-private partnerships, and encourages sustainable development and infrastructure

    • 2021-24:  Jodi is currently enrolled in the Harvard University Extension School Sustainability Master's program, specializing in Sustainable Cities learning about the latest sustainability practices, funding and development options for municipalities 

  • Ensuring our police and fire departments are fully trained, equipped and supported to address and maintain the outstanding safety to which our community is accustomed


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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