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Resilient, Ready, Connected

Jodi wants to deliver plans with YOUR input - not platitudes!

Jodi will use her 15 years of proven community and professional experience working with our City leaders, community organizations and grassroots organizing to help implement the actions listed below to ensure our community thrives - now, and in the future.

Naperville City Hall Fruit Tree Guild Install


A resilient and sustainable community is one that is able to minimize, withstand and bounce back from economic, social and environmental disruptions - while also ensuring future generations can thrive. To ensure this, I want to:

  • Include resilience and sustainability in the next strategic planning cycle by incorporating the  NEST Sustainable Naperville 2036 recommendations

  • Build a plan for transitioning to cleaner, more affordable energy

  • Build a plan to improve transportation options and reduce traffic, including safe biking and electric vehicle infrastructure

  • Build a plan to manage and reduce waste more efficiently

  • Ensure local businesses have the resources they need to become more efficient, reduce waste, and save money


A ready community is strategically prepared to take advantage of opportunities, anticipates and plans for future economic and development trends, and ensures safety for everyone.   To ensure this, I want to:

  • Build our local economy across our entire community by working with local businesses to develop innovative opportunities

  • Work to bring and incentivize new businesses that provide living-wage jobs

  • Promote the work and services of our outstanding Police and Fire Departments, and ensure they are fully supported to maintain our high quality of life

Downtown Naperville_Flickr_Michael Kappel.jpg


A connected community is one that is informed, aware, has a voice, and maintains connections to the world around it, while including and valuing diversity.  To ensure this, I want to:


  • Expand community outreach and engagement processes and tools to help residents and businesses be more readily aware of and engaged in what is happening in our community

  • Increase transparency and public engagement in planning and development that follows best practices

  • Ensure accessible options for housing and transportation, and access to resources for all residents, especially our seniors and minority populations

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