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The "Original" Sustainability Candidate

You may have seen flyers recently talking about support for Sustainability with the names of other city council candidates listed. I'm very pleased that some of them have taken the time to read the NEST 2036 Sustainable Naperville report, for which I led the effort to create and was the lead author. All the forum questions on Sustainability have also been great to hear. I've noted that most of my fellow candidates- regardless of political party, have jumped on the bandwagon to speak favorably on this very critical issue. I truly hope the new city council will be proactive and make a Resilient Naperville the top priority it should be, then actually take strategic action.

I'm flattered to have had nearly every other candidate publicly refer to me as the expert in sustainability. I lobbied against Naperville's coal contract when it was originally proposed in 2007. For the past 15 years, I have been actively helping Naperville improve the quality of life in our city - long before it was fashionable. I'm running for office now to ensure we have a proactive champion on council who has not only the desire, but also the drive and willingness to use knowledge, skills and understanding of the complexities necessary to improve Naperville for you, me, our children, grandchildren, etc.

You've seen their flyers. Check out my book: Sustainable Naperville 2036.

If it's important to you to have a community with: •Efficient government •Taxpayer savings •Reduced waste •Adequate natural resources •Clean air, water and surroundings •Safety, health, and inclusiveness for everyone Then the choice is yours: Candidates who are passively “supportive,” or one that wrote the book.

Vote Jodi Trendler!!

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