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Participate in Democracy!

Voting in Naperville will begin soon for the Mayor's office and four city council seats. Mark your calendars now! Please come out and vote. There are more ways to vote than ever before and every vote really does count! Listed below are some dates along the way, there is still time to register. Please encourage loved ones to register, if they have not already!!

April 4 is Election Day and we encourage you to vote for Jodi Trendler, she's fourth on the ballot. Vote for #4 on 4/4, pretty catchy huh?

  • January 4 - First day for voters residing within the US to apply by mail or in-person to request a mail-in ballot.

  • February 23 - First day that mail-in ballots can be mailed to voters.

  • February 23 - First day for early voting.

  • March 19 - Last day to register online to vote with the Illinois State Board of Elections

  • Voter Registration (

  • March 20 - First day of early voting at all early voting locations.

  • April 3 - Last day for a voter to request a mail-in ballot.

  • April 3 - End of early voting

  • April 4 - Election Day

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