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Naperville NEST Forum

Last night, Chair Cathy Clarkin and the Naperville Environmental and Sustainability Task Force held a city council candidate forum at the First Congregational Church of Naperville. The entire slate of candidates attended along with a 'standing room only' crowd. As you may guess, the discussion was centered around candidates' views on Sustainability.

As you know, Jodi led this organization previously and was the chief editor of the 2036 Sustainable Naperville plan. Multiple candidates referenced the report and called out Jodi as the expert in this area. At other points in the discussion, many of the candidates stated they would seek the advice of NEST on tough issues. However, the city really needs to prioritize Sustainability and elevate NEST to a commission status, instead of being only an advisory body. Naperville needs experienced candidates on council like Jodi Trendler.

On Monday, March 13th NEST will hold a forum for the mayoral candidates at the same location. We urge everyone to attend!

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