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Garden Club Tackles Climate Change

Update: Naperville had its first tornado warning of the year yesterday February 27th. Luckily there was no significant damage. Dr. Ford had predicted that the severe weather season would be expanded, due to the changes in climate that were being measured. Looks like he was right.

The Naperville Garden Club had its monthly meeting on February 22nd. They conduct normal club business, followed by a speaker or workshop on practical skills. They meet again on March 22nd with a hands-on workshop on floral design. Guests are welcome for a $20 fee, please call Barbara at 630-650-4405 to make reservations. Today's topic was 'What You Can do to Slow Climate Change'.

The guest speaker this month was Dr. Trent Ford, the Illinois State Climatologist from the University of Illinois. Dr. Ford has been the Illinois State Climatologist since 2019. Based on decades of data and science, Dr. Ford predicts a warmer and wetter weather pattern for the Naperville area in the next 25 years. Winter in particular is becoming warmer, with implications on the health of native vegetation and trees. Based on recent data, 100-year flood events are twice as likely as they have been. More extreme heat days are expected with a concern for at risk citizens.

Dr. Ford ended the presentation with a group discussion of policy changes that need to be considered by government. Members of the club shared the concern and added worries about Naperville's tree cutting policies, effects on local agriculture, and concern about removing phosphorus from wastewater. The collective thoughts echoed the Sustainability position of our candidate Jodi Trendler.

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