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Disaster Preparedness

At the recent Indivisible and Senior Task Force forums, Jodi Trendler called for improved disaster recovery preparedness for Naperville. She notes that damage from the EF-3 tornado outbreak last year has not yet been fully repaired. This ongoing issue has impacted many families in the area. Jodi fully supports Kristy Kennedy and Naperville Tornado Relief in their request of funds from the city. Additionally, Russel Scott Manthly added support in his letter to the editor, which you can see just after Bill Simon's note in the Naperville Sun.

Disaster preparedness is a key element of a resilient community. DuPage County tracks weather data and has reported an increase in severe weather events such as tornados and floods. Areas along the DuPage river are low lying and susceptible to flooding. In recent years the boundary that denotes 100 flood events has grown, which has implications for insurance coverage even in dry times.

We agree with Mr. Manthly, it's not sexy to talk about, but work needs to be done!

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