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Carillon Club

Updated: Mar 5

Many thanks to the residents of the Carillon Club and Larry Lucas for arranging the meeting on March 1st. Residents were interested to know candidates' qualifications, legislative priorities, positions on economic development, and stance on electrical power generation. As you know, Jodi supports economic development as a means for limiting the impact of inflation on tax dollars. As a business owner and Naperville taxpayer herself, Jodi understands the potential of balanced business growth and development across all of Naperville.

Jodi's position on Naperville's contract for electrical power generation is clear, say no to coal! There are less expensive and cleaner options for power out there. Details can be found in the 2036 Sustainable Naperville report adopted by the city council in 2022. Jodi led the Naperville Enviromental and Sustainability Task Force to create the report at the request of the city council. Don't have time to read 294 pages of recommendations and data? Then vote for Jodi!

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