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Be Prepared to Vote!!

A candidate forum was held jointly by the Senior Task Force and the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation in city hall last night. City council candidates from all parties were present. Candidates made an opening statement, followed by questions distributed prior to the meeting. Lastly, there was a lightning round to get a quick read on candidate positions. The evening was moderated by Mark Wright, Chairman of the Naperville Development Partnership. NCTV was on hand to broadcast the event.

As in prior forums, Jodi called for a paradigm shift in city government to address the rapidly changing world and continue to drive efficiency in government.

Mark Wright asked the group to address ongoing development of a robust commercial tax base as a means to reduce dependence on homeowner tax funding. He further asked about candidate views on Naperville's Housing Choice strategy.

Jodi favors a proactive approach that fosters mixed use redevelopment within a land-locked Naperville, avoiding monolithic 'affordable housing'. We need to incubate new business to create opportunities for Naperville residents. We need balanced development that treats the entire city equally. That may include focused geographical representation to ensure all areas of Naperville have a voice in city council.

Please support Jodi by making a donation to the campaign!!

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