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A connected community is one that is informed, aware, and engaged, understands the benefits of connections to the world around it, while including and valuing diversity.  Naperville can further accomplish this by:

The Plan

  • Developing a community education and engagement process that includes increasing transparency, public outreach and stakeholder engagement forums and tools, and resident-engaging project and program updates that will allow residents and business owners to easily understand and benefit from community development

    • 2007 - 21: Jodi has extensive experience with public engagement and education through her non-profit and College of DuPage instructor work 

    • 2019-20:  Served on Park District Earth Day planning committee

    • 2009:  Organized first Earth Day celebration event in Naperville with NCEC and North Central College

  • Working collaboratively and taking a leadership role in the region to maximize opportunities for funding resources and build resilience

    • 2018-20:  Jodi served as the Naperville liaison to the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Environmental Committee to ensure Naperville stayed apprised of regional sustainability efforts

  • Ensuring accessible housing, renewable energy resources and public transportation options for all residents

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