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of Personal Experience in Naperville

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I have spent the last 15 years leading, learning, and actively serving our city on a daily basis. I have worked the systems and processes, working collaboratively with city leadership and community institutions to progress our Democratic ideals. I often did this with minimal or no funding, relying on my creativity and resourcefulness – which I will bring to Council, to recruit volunteers and resources to support the vision.

  • 2007-2012:  Served as a founding Director for Naperville for Clean Energy and Conservation (NCEC) to advocate for clean energy and educate Naperville residents and businesses about renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

  • 2007:  Lobbied AGAINST entering into our current IMEA contract, lobbied for Mayor and Council to sign on to the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (and STILL lobbying!)

  • 2007:  Successfully lobbied to have City conduct first greenhouse gas inventory

  • 2007:  Successfully lobbied for the creation of city’s first environmental sustainability plan 

  • 2007:  Successfully lobbied for Home Energy Audit and Efficiency program  (Discontinued 2015)

  • 2008:  Successfully lobbied with NCEC to add the words “environmental stewardship” to city values (Removed in 2015)

  • 2008-10:  Promoted the City's voluntary Renewable Energy Program

  • 2009:  Served as a founding member of Chamber of Commerce’s “Green Leadership Council”

  • 2010:  Organized the City’s first Earth Day Celebration with North Central College

  • 2011:  Gave away over $50,000 in home energy saving prizes for “Eco Family Photo Contest”

  • 2009 -2012:  Wrote, implemented and managed a $10,000 State grant for Zero Waste programming for IPSD 204

  • Worked with District Superintendents, Principles, Faculty, Students, Parent volunteers, Lunchroom and Custodial staff                       

  • Identified over $25,000 worth of savings through waste-reduction measures

  • Eliminated disposables in the lunchroom (had dishwasher installed, worked with Sodexo)

  • Implemented school-wide composting, including lunchroom, teacher’s lounge and classrooms

  • Had hand dryers installed

  • Implemented paper conserving processes

  • Initiated and managed student Eco Club and programming

  • Installed pollinator gardens (for compost use)

  • Helped develop curriculum to integrate students

  • Developed all educational and training programming for all initiatives, including “Zero Waste Lunch”, for students, faculty and staff

  • 2013-Present:  Founded The Resiliency Institute to educated others about and help build resilient communities

  • Created “Growing Food Security” campaign

  • Worked with Northern Illinois Food Bank to implement edible landscaping

  • Installed Edible Forest Garden and Fruit Tree Guild projects, including at Naperville Community Gardens and City Hall

  • 2018:  Approached the Naperville Electric Utility to begin discussions about transitioning to clean energy and distributed generation

  • 2018:  Successfully lobbied IPSD Board to install solar for Metea HS, which would save over $1,500,000 in electricity costs

  • 2018 - 2021: Represented Naperville at the Metropolitan Mayoral Caucus Environmental Committee

  • 2019 – Present:  Serve as Adjunct faculty member at College of DuPage teaching 5 courses in Sustainable Urban Agriculture degree program

  • 2019: Led effort for the establishment of the Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force Council advisory body

  • 2019-21:  Led the effort working with City staff, Council members, community organizations, local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce, and over 40 community expert volunteers to create and author the Sustainable Naperville 2036 report for implementation as directed by City Council

  • 2021:  Initiated first discussion with NCSD 203 to implement solar and electric bus infrastructure

  • 2022:  Began run for City Council


Roosevelt University

MA, Psychology

Gained a foundation in clinical psychology that can lead to advancement in the workplace, expertise in a research setting or preparation for doctoral studies.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

BS, Psychology

Provided a depth and breadth of knowledge in Psychology. The major consisted of an introductory course, a statistics course, a breadth of knowledge or foundation in the different areas of psychology that comes from a set of core courses, a research methods course, and elective courses that provided a depth of knowledge.

University of Missouri Columbia

MC, Agroforestry

In-depth study of agroforestry ecology, practice and principles; Geographic information systems; Natural resource policy and administration; Soil fertility and plant nutrition; Watershed restoration and management

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