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Resilient, Ready, Connected

Future- Ready Naperville!

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 " As a result of her previous efforts, Trendler has experience bringing people together and getting things done. She's worked with the city council and local taxing bodies to address issues and develop programs. She understands the importance of collaboration." 

Daily Herald Editorial Board


Help Make Naperville Future-Ready!


Jodi is an experienced, passionate, but practical, community organizer and sustainability professional running for City Council to ensure Naperville is FUTURE READY and prepared for the challenges of the next decade and able to thrive by being: 


  • Resilient - organizationally, economically, socially, and environmentally 

  • Ready, safe and prepared for anything the future brings, and

  • Connected to our community resources, each other, and the world around us.

As a 27-year resident of our community,  Jodi raised her family here, has spent 20 years as an engaged community volunteer, and for the last 10 years, has served as Executive Director for The Resiliency Institute, a non-profit which she founded to focus on resilience and sustainability building for our community, as well as others.  She has worked passionately, behind the scenes and publicly, with our City leadership, school districts, the park district, community organizations, businesses and residents for the past 15 years to ensure our community is proactively moving toward a thriving, safe, resilient future.  This community leadership experience, combined with her non-profit management skills and her continuous advanced education including current pursuit of a Master's in Sustainability through the Harvard Extension School specializing in cities and communities, has given her a deep connection to, and a critical understanding for how our community works. 


Jodi has the strong knowledge base, leadership, education and decision making capacity necessary to be a competent, "ready to hit the ground running" member of our City Council. 

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Jodi is the only Naperville City Council candidate who has spent the last 15 years        learning, planning & implementing strategies

 to build a resilient community that saves taxpayer money, creates economic development, and protects Naperville’s environment and people.

Voting for Jodi is a vote to ensure Naperville is Future-Ready!



A resilient and sustainable community is one that is able to minimize, withstand and bounce back from economic, social and environmental disruptions - while also ensuring future generations can thrive. 

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A ready community is strategically prepared to take advantage of opportunities, anticipates and plans for future economic and development trends, and ensures safety for everyone.



A connected community is one that is informed, aware, has a voice, and maintains connections to the world around it, while including and valuing diversity.


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